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This is one of the more commonly performed procedures in aesthetic surgery. It can dramatically enhance the size and shape of the breast by insertion of a silicone implant under the breast tissue or muscle. If you feel the breasts are too small, if you are unhappy with the shape or if there is a significant difference in size between breasts then augmentation may be a good option.

The risks and benefits of the surgery will be fully discussed in the clinic prior to making a decision and we will show you some examples of implants and help decide on the best size of implant for you.

You will usually stay in the hospital for one night after the surgery and go home the next day. The small scar is sutured with dissolvable stitches and is placed in the crease below the breast. We will see you to check it at around one week following the surgery. We will then see you when everything is fully settled to ensure you are happy with the result.