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Prominent ears can, for some people significantly affect self-esteem and confidence. The problem is often apparent in early life and as a result we see both adults and children who wish to improve the appearance of their ears. The prominent appearance is often a result of failure of the normal folding of the cartilage of the ear and can be corrected with surgery to restore the folds.

We will see you to assess the problem and make a recommendation regarding surgery. We will discuss the procedure and any potential complications in the clinic.

The surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic although local anaesthetic may be an option in adults. You will go home on the same day as the surgery with a head bandage on for one week. The surgery is performed through scars behind the ears using sutures to recreate the normal anti-helical fold. We will remove the head bandage and skin sutures at one week in the clinic. You will then be asked to wear a head band at night for a month.

We will then see you in the clinic when everything is settled to check you are happy with the result.