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Over time the breasts tend to sag (ptosis) due to the effect of gravity. This happens due to a combination of stretching of the skin and also loss of breast volume. Whilst the latter can be improved with an implant often a tightening of the skin is required to restore a more youthful look. Often a skin tightening procedure, or mastopexy is the best option to reduce ptosis and restore the breast shape.

The risks and benefits of the surgery will be fully discussed in the clinic prior to making a decision and we will show you in more detail the location of the scars. We will also discuss whether the addition of an implant would be desirable.

You will need to stay in hospital for one night after the surgery and we may leave a drain tube in place until the next morning. The scars usually extend around the nipple and in the crease below the breast with a scar connecting the two and are sutured with dissolvable stitches. We will see you to check the healing at around a week after the surgery. We will then see you to check you are pleased with the result when things have had a chance to settle after the surgery. If an implant is required it is likely that this would need to be inserted at a second stage (see breast augmentation).