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Locking of the finger in a bent position occurs with trigger finger. In the early stages of the problem it is possible to straighten the finger but only with a painful click. Later on the problem can progress to a finger which cannot easily be straightened. The problem often occurs due to a swelling on the tendon that bends the finger. This swelling catches on the pulley system inside the finger and prevents normal movement. The condition is not dangerous but is inconvenient and sometimes painful.

Treatment usually consists of a steroid injection into the affected finger in the first instance and this can be highly effective. If the problem comes back or is resistant to treatment with the injection we can offer surgery to release the finger.

The operation usually takes around ten minutes and is performed awake under local anaesthesia. A small scar is made in the palm at the base of the finger to release the tendon and this is usually very effective at curing the problem. The scar is sutured with dissolvable stitches and a bandage applied. You will be able to go home on the same day. We will usually check the wound at around one week and see you after a few weeks to ensure the symptoms have gone.